About Webdesign I

Web-design is not WHAT is made, but HOW it’s made” – anonimous internet status

Web turns out to be the most progressively developing sphere in the world. I always compare it with space technologies, but faster.
Someone out of the web (maybe like you) doesn’t see even the tip of the iceberg. I’d say – you see the snowflake on the tip of the iceberg. I often read posts and comments on Facebook, that Facebook is a cheap, odd thing. That their features are dumb and not user-friendly or some other stupid stuff. They write it (once more) – on Facebook! And they use it for years.
Jesus, guys. To write Facebook to its start point THREE persons were involved into full-time coding job for THREE YEARS.




10 years earlier we were really far from today’s web. People hired web-developers for all kind of jobs (design, scripting, programming html and css – all in one) and paid as little as they could. But gradually web splitted up to really wide range of specializations. Even if we take just javascript-based frameworks, we get Angular, React, Node, jQuery and a bunch of instruments built for them: Mongoose, Express, Browserify, npm, git and so on… If 10 years ago we had to learn just one setup (Photoshop, HTML, CSS, java-script, PHP), now we cannot place everything in one head, now one must choose between web-design, front-end or back-end, and even there – between cms or custom admins, between PHP or Ruby, between Angular or React. And every spec is way much deeper, so people must study at least for three years just to start working in web sphere. So, please, do respect others’ job even if you don’t get it.




There are also many debates around the world about “who should earn more – web-designers or web-developers”. Well, now you can compare average salaries in different countries with this infographics. Click on shoes to see the salaries.




To investigate web-design development is very interesting too. It’s pretty much like fashion development. Who drives new looks? Is it Vivienne Westwood, who married Sex Pistols’ manager and based punk style in clothes? Or is it punks themselves who inspired her and thus made her a world-famous clothes-designer?

Well, both is true. Because design is true evidence of collective unconscious existance. You can notice it really simply. New York fashion design rolls over the world with some delay (sometimes it takes years to go from USA to Israel for example). And when we get new magazines, we watch the trends and say: “Yuk!” But few months later: “Shut up and take my money!”




Still I’ll open you a huge secret. True fashion drivers, true eminence grise of our collective unconscious – are fabric producers.

The world would never get down jackets without synthetics. And without China, of course…




Web-design is the same. Of course, we have passion. We have heart and soul. We should be really mastered in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and even 4D-Cinema. But true drive for web-design are web-TECHNOLOGIES.

You cannot make everything spin, pop-up, play and dance on the web without technologies. When a simple user comes to this site, for example:http://www.kikk.be/2016, he is barely impressed.




When a web-developer comes across, it’s like: “What a badass had made that! You da real MVP!”

That’s a HUGE work for javascripters, first of all. And technologies should’ve been evolved to this point to make it possible. But I am still wondering – where did it start? Did a designer see the possibilities somewhere first and made this design up? Or did he first made up the feeling, the vision of the bubble and then terrorized the programmers, until they all succeeded?

I just can’t imagine such kind of group work – designers cannot code, but non-designers cannot SEE. There is no visual difference for programmers between 2D-spinning and 3D-flipping. How can they design such complicated 3D-expiriencing things?!?

So that is why web-design is not WHAT is made, but HOW it’s made.


(Written by Victorya Shidlovskaya)